Blue, Part Two

by Absconding Life



Scientifically proven to cure constipation* in 100% of (zero imaginary) cases. Still not as loud as Death Magnetic.


(#125 - For Once I Wasn't Lying Then, When I Told You I Had Been Faithful Always/Contusions)

I wish that for every time you had punched me in the head
You would've at least clocked me good somewhere that marks
Where the skin protests purple
Then I might've been able to wear silhouettes
Of the Sun and moon over my eyes
And broadcast what you were to me
To passers-by
After sunset in thick fog and clouds
In your favourite shades of yellow, pink, white, green and blue

(#611 - Tense)

I could trace my fingers
Over the white dots
At the corners of your mouth
In the morning, of dried spit,
And read them like braille
But I would much rather use my tongue
And speak to you below your skirt
You can suffocate me slightly
If you'd like

The next day
I would stick my hand in the blender
And just keep pushing down
While back in the bedroom
The razor meets your wrist like you're
Strumming out
Six-string chords with all your might
For the climactic ending of the song
Ended a bar too early
Because you ran out of breath
But you do love to emphasise your dynamics

(#263 - Chondrin Demons)

Punch me in my stomach and I will throw up all my fetid giblet insides
It's a jungle in there as
I have taken to swallowing putrid, exsiccated dissections from the morgue
And hurriedly torn or gouged out pultaceous pieces from the abattoir
Filling my torso with parasites that gnaw their way through

They refuse to be condemned to the abdominal cavity
Well I did it in an attempt to establish some kind of ecosystem
Over some kind of oligarchy
But it seems these butterflies are demons of chondrin
They'll be at the top of the food chain forever
Thing is, they never need to eat
So I am needlessly infested
And am being devoured from within

(#335 - Transmute)

Can you name even half the bones in my body?
How about the angle my vertebrae can twist apart?
What is my stomach's favourite shade of pink?
And would you even know how to go about
Counting the hairs on my head?
I suppose you know nothing about me
But soon I'll know all about you,
Your body turned inside out,

(#339 - Ichor)

Today I saw a pretty girl appear
Her face unveiled by the wind
She had all the grey hairs in the world
And she was still beautiful

She could have taken all the afflictions of every leper,
Cancer patient,
And disfigured acid attack victim
Straight home onto her body
And still been more beautiful to me
Than anyone else I'd ever seen in the world

Today I saw a pretty girl appear
Her face unveiled by the wind
And I just kept walking
I did not smile
It did not phase me
I have learned my lesson,
Today I forgot how old I was

(#347 - Even)

I know, no ghosts sleep
So I tell you,
"You don't always have to stay beside me."
But I know
At night
You just sit at my bedside
I didn't even know that you could miss someone
Before you'd even met them

(#405 -

I think
I think too much
But I don't think
I'm ever disappointed
To see people
Unless they're not you

You could say I'm falling for
You, but this is no accident
I didn't trip on the pavement
Glancing back at the person with a
Crooked spine juggling torches,
This is jumping out of the tallest building
Without even looking

I miss you
But I'm going to kill myself tomorrow
I'm far too tired tonight

I stole a song
I stole a song for you

(#413 - Circumspection in Abstraction)

It could be so much easier
To draw up spiderwebs of sugar
Across this friction in white crayon
And open my veins into the rivulets,
Than bring up the past again
To write about heartache

(#417 - #2 on 'Reasons why I love you' from the 11-page Loveletter I Wrote You for Christmas)

I wanted to be a writer a long time ago,
I wanted to be a poet or a lyricist when I was younger
(and I still can't sing)
But I had nothing to write about
Apart from how the world, life, and everything is utter shit
Which is entirely true
But it all came out completely grey and uninteresting
And I used to wonder why
As I looked up from the page to see nothing but monochrome

(#503 - Heavy)

I would not go with you
Even to the still beautiful parts of this planet
To skywalk or ride an underwater rollercoaster,

Not to the salt flats in Bolivia,
Perhaps the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen,
And if I could just lie down and die
It would be in a place like that:
White in every direction up to the horizon,

Not to the glacier of rivers in Iceland
Or the Ruby Falls in Tennessee
Or to Lapland to see the Northern Lights
Or any of those suicide hotspot bridges
That also happen to be so picturesque.

You know the stairway to heaven is a place
We can see without dying?
Not even there.

You know,
You make me want to sin at every possibility
Just so on the off chance that the God you describe
Actually exists
I can go straight to hell
Because although you might get stuck in purgatory for a while
Your end destination would be heaven, wouldn't it?

"God" just doesn't make sense to me
So I don't waste my time
But I don't take my life just yet
Because if I have to be stuck somewhere with you
Dead or alive,
I'd rather it be in this living hellhole
Just to spite you

(#623 - Gold)

Sometimes I picture dull razors
Aerial, materialising
Solely to slash my body up
Into pieces fit for dog meat
Though I am told that with the finest, swiftest blade
One could cut straight through any section of the body
At any angle
And meet nothing but empty space

(#096 - Another Undersized Aphorism/Cauterise)

Cauterize my wounds
I need to make amends

(#094 - Soon)

These ponderous, hebetudinous legs
Will probably stop walking some day

(#084 - Desynchronise)

I’d destroy the darkness
I’d destroy everything it encompassed if I could
But I like
A bit of darkness
In you

(#075 - Trivial)




(#043 - Short/Lydia's Pancakes)

Every time I see a woman cry,
I see your face.

It haunts my dreams
And burns my eyes.

(#044 - Carpets)

No, father
Next-door were not cleaning their carpets
They do not have carpets
We were having sex.

(#039 - Black Comedy Sarcasm/Facetious)

Don't you realise your war is internecine?
And it's not your war
You're killing us all
So thank you for consulting me
Before taking my life.

(#038 - Insalubrious Inebriation)

Vomit cover the streets.
And of those that insidiously dissolve their enamel like bulimics?
None of them would even whisper close-eyed into a mirror
That there is a problem

(#037 - Increase)

I started keeping a log
Of each time that I thought of you
But that only made me think of you

(#027 - Galactic Empress)

What were you really trying to say
When you told me
That the interpretation of language was subjective?
And when you told me you liked me?

(#014 - When I Started and When I Finished, the Clock Read the Same)

It's three fifty-one
And I should probably try to sleep
And dream of you
Hoping that I'll forget again
Come sunrise

(#005 - Dead Dream #1)

I am moving to Japan my love
I just need to go away from here for a while

Maybe forever
Maybe not

(#237 - Cupid is Dead and His Arrows Fly No More)

Why are you talking about Cupid, let alone his aim?
The two died unitedly
A long time ago

No one's to blame but you

(#238 - Breaking Distances)

When you break up with someone
Just be sure to account for the breaking distance of their heart


released May 21, 2016



all rights reserved


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